Contact: David Meraz


Los Angeles, CA—(May 4, 2017)—Calling it “fatally flawed” for Americans, Congressional candidate Robert Lee Ahn warned that the GOP-led repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act would place more vulnerable Americans at risk and not solve the problems the GOP and Trump administration claim to be fixing.

“This GOP-led effort is fatally flawed for America because it does away with protections against pre-existing conditions, places the elderly at greater risk and sets up a system of high-risk pools that has historically failed every time,” Ahn said.

“You cannot simply wish healthcare reform into existence with a tweet or wave of a wand. It takes hard legislative work and negotiations with all parties including those most directly affected such as the poor, elderly and chronically ill,” Ahn added.

The repeal effort passed the GOP-led House by a razor thin 217-213 margin with 20 Republicans refusing to support the repeal effort. It now goes to the Senate where Ahn urged Republican Senators to reconsider the repeal move.

“President Donald Trump and extremists in Congress seek to strip the elderly and our children’s access to quality, affordable health care. I urge Republican Senators to join Democrats in rejecting his haphazard, dangerous effort and instead work on addressing any issues in a bipartisan fashion,” Ahn said.

Robert Lee Ahn is a candidate for the 34th Congressional district which is one of the most ethnically diverse in the nation, stretching from Koreatown, Chinatown and Little Tokyo to the skyscrapers of downtown and communities of Eagle Rock and City Terrace. For more information, please go to or follow on Facebook and Twitter: AhnforCongress.