Date: March 7, 2017
Media Contact: Yonah Hong
(213) 505-2552


LOS ANGELES (KOREATOWN), CA – Congressional candidate Robert Lee Ahn today expressed what he termed “growing concerns” over North Korea’s escalating number of banned missile launches over the East Sea.

Ahn said that North Korea has launched a number of missiles over the past few months and also conducted 2 nuclear tests last year. “The North Korean nuclear threat is real and imminent, placing South Korea and Japan in danger. Left unchecked, it is only a matter of time before North Korea will develop a delivery system capable of delivering a nuke to Southern California.”

Ahn continued, “North Korea’s Kim Jong Un tries to disguise the reason for his intention to build a nuclear missile program by claiming the United States and South Korea are planning to invade his country.”

“My understanding is that the Trump Administration is in the process of developing policy to address North Korea’s dangerous and threatening behaviors. One thing is certain,” Ahn concluded, “the international community cannot afford to continue to allow Kim Jong Un’s aggressive behavior to continue.”

Robert Lee Ahn is a candidate for the United States Congress in the 34the Congressional District.