President Donald Trump and extremists in Congress seek to strip the elderly and our children’s access to quality, affordable health care.  Robert Lee Ahn will stand up to the Republican-led attacks on the Affordable Care Act.  Robert Lee Ahn will lead the fight to expand health care access for every American!


Robert Lee Ahn believes every child deserves a quality education.  Robert will fight to ensure that our most vulnerable and at-risk children have tools to thrive in today’s economy and skills to compete in tomorrow’s economy.  Robert understands that for our children to have any chance of competing in a complex and rapidly changing global economy, a college education must be affordable.


Robert Lee Ahn understands that climate change is an urgent threat to our economy and our children’s future. Robert will defend the pledge we made at the Paris Climate Conference to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and put the United States on a path to reduce American oil consumption. On day one, Robert Lee Ahn will call on Congress to invest in clean energy infrastructure and innovation.


It is our moral obligation to treat every person with dignity. It is essential to our national security that we fix the visa backlog.  Robert Lee Ahn will make it a priority to introduce legislation for comprehensive humane immigration reform. Robert will fight to end family detention and close detention centers.


Robert Lee Ahn will ensure that America pursues a foreign policy that is sane, just and maintains our strong support for the under attack democracies of South Korea and Israel.  Robert is firmly and unequivocally committed to the State of Israel and will speak out for our friend, the one true democracy in the Middle East.


It is our solemn duty to ensure those who have sacrificed for us receive the benefits and care they have earned. We owe a debt that must be paid. We must improve the quality of healthcare and create and fund programs that provide the opportunities and tools our veterans deserve.